How to choose the right kitchen and bath faucet

Choosing a kitchen and bath faucet use to be easy.  Now its a must, when purchasing, to consider who will be using it.  The faucet design should accommodate the person.  Children that use  a particular  faucet must be able to operate that faucet(and turn it off!).  In the case of the child, you will need something that can handle the wear and tear.  An adult might have the use of a different style or type.

Ease of use

The best example of a faucet that is user friendly for children and the elderly is a faucet that is the single handled type.  This type of faucet is easier to use, more affordable, and has a few other benefits to consider. Today’s technology has improved the single handled faucet to have almost as much control as a dual handle faucet.  With one today’s modern countertop choices being granite, the holes that have to be drilled are to be considered.  Single handle faucets only need one hole.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, this will be something to consider.  Drilling into granite multiple times is difficult.

On the other hand single handle faucets have traditionally lacked the same level of control that a two handle faucets offer.  There is one point of failure.

A two handle faucet provides more control than a single handle faucet, and thus allows you to better adjust the water temperature.  This is a feature that may help prevent accidental scalding.  The flow rate enables individual control of the hot and cold water. Also, in the event one of the handles springs a leak, you can  shut-off the affected valve  and still be able to use the faucet until repaired.  Usually these faucets are more expensive and the installation is more difficult.  Three holes as apposed to one hole needs to be drilled into the counter.

Which faucet do i need to buy?

At this point you have decided on either a single or double handled faucet.  Now comes the time to determine the style of your kitchen and bath faucet.  There are more styles than you can count.  This includes multiple colors and finishes.

Dimensions of a kitchen and bath faucet.

Make certain you are choosing a faucet that is high enough to accommodate the items you’ll be washing or filling. The higher the spout, the easier it is to fit tall pots under it for filling or cleaning. Also consider whether  you have a shelf or window above your sink.  There may not be enough room for a tall faucet.

How far does the spout extend into the sink?  This feature is often overlooked, but plays a very important role.  Having the proper spout allows for the correct water coverage in a sink.  The water needs to pour out into the center of the sink.  Not the front or back.  A feature that would femedy this situation is a pull out faucet.  This would be beneficial  if the faucet is not aligned correctly.  Multiple sinks are also a concern.  There needs to be enough reach for water to properly into each one.

Last, be sure to check the distance from the back of the faucet to the backsplash.  Sometimes the handle will not extend.  Make sure your handle moves away from the backsplash.

Where do i find a faucet?

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