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Hair loss, the tell tale sign.

Hair loss is one of the most feared changes in a persons life.  In most cases, the loss of hair directly correlates to the perception of age.  By the time some has reached the age of 35, hair loss has usually progressed enough to be noticed.  Whether through male pattern baldness or a receding hairline, the effects are here to stay.  By age 50 as much as 85 percent of men have considered some form of hair loss treatment.

What causes hair loss?

There are many factors that cause hair loss.  The main culprit is caused by a hormone called dehydrotestosterone .  We will just call it DHT.  Its the hormone for developing a deep voice, muscles, and facial hair.  And it also develops male pattern baldness.  In a nutshell, DHT collects in the follicles of the hair eventually killing the hair as well as the follicle.  This prevents the hair from growing back.  DHT will increase with age and can lead to baldness.  There are other factors in hair loss.  Medications, illness, Zinc deficiency, harsh shampoos, and coloring and perming are just a few.

DHT can be very damaging to your hair follicles as it battles against the receptors in your scalp. The result is that you are only able to produce thinner and thinner hair as time goes on, and it can also decrease the lifeline of the follicles on the whole. Over time, an excess amount of DHT can kill off follicles altogether and leave you with no hair at all.

So, What do I do?

Everyone dealing with hair loss wish that the decision over which product to use was an easy one.  There are several popular ones on the market, but come with some unwanted side effects.

Thanks to PROFOLLICA, a new DHT blocking system for hair regrowth, the possibility of regrowing hair is closer to a reality.

Every single ingredient that is used in the PROFOLLICA system plays a vital role in preventing hair loss and stimulating hair re-growth. This is done by blocking DHT in the scalp, revitalizing hair follicles overall, and increasing blood circulation. The potent ingredients and targeted compound are so effective that some users notice visible results within just a few weeks. While those types of fast results are not guaranteed for everyone, PROFOLLICA has a far better hair loss treatment record than a lot of the claims from other hair loss pills or hair loss shampoos.

Are their side effects?

PROFOLLICA comes with absolutely no side effects. Nutritional supplements act on the scalp to improve blood circulation.

There are a few reasons why PROFOLLICA is proven to work so well. In order for hair to grow there are three main things that must happen within the body. Any effective hair loss product has to unclog the follicles by removing sebum, reduce the amount of DHT in the scalp, and stimulate more blood circulation in or to revitalize the follicles. Some hair loss products can offer two of those three benefits, but it is very uncommon for a system to offer all three.

You’ve probably seen some of the cures for baldness.  You’ve got prescription drugs like Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). When these two drugs hit the market , men  thought these two drugs were their answer to hair loss. However, unlike Profollica, these drugs have issues you should know about.

Rogaine, despite its initial promise as a hair loss treatment, doesn’t address the leading cause of male pattern baldness, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and without that feature, produces disappointing long-term results. Rogaine’s effectiveness has generally been proven with short-term results among younger men, between 18-41. It’s also highly toxic to cats and can kill them, and if you’re a male cat-lover with hair loss, be careful!

The bottom line.

For hair loss treatment, a doctor’s seal of approval is very important. If you do have any concerns, please see your doctor. PROFOLLICA takes your safety very seriously. They are cGMP compliant, and are more than happy to provide their Certificate of Analysis of their ingredients to prove their freshness, safety and potency.

Just click on the link below and start you on your journey to a full head of hair!


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