4 Best Ways To Earn Or Buy FUT Coins Safely

by Sandra Quiles
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Are you looking to learn how to buy fut coins? Before you begin, you must know that it is against EA’s terms of service to buy and sell FUT coins. They don’t allow the trading of virtual currency for real money. However, it is not strictly illegal, you just shouldn’t get caught, or you might face data wipe to a permanent ban on the account.

If you choose to continue further, you’ve been warned. With that being said, let’s begin the guide:

1. Beware Of The Scammers

Before you read further, it is paramount for you to practice caution. Many players will trick you into giving them money in exchange for FUT coins. If you seek to buy FUT coins, do it from an authenticated source. There are secure websites and platforms available for you. Don’t believe just any player, and don’t fall for free FUT generators. They will abuse your information and never provide anything valuable.

2. Player Auctions Are The Best Legal Way

This is a legal, in-game method to earn more FUT coins. All you need to do is sell one of the players that you own. You can sell it for the maximum price range or auction them. When you auction them, you can use the FIFA Auction House. Upon doing so, you determine the price for the player.

Although it can be a bit underhanded trick, you can sell a worthless player by making it cost more. Some inexperienced gamers or fans will buy this player without considering it too much. It isn’t illegal to oversell something.

3. Buy From Players And Use The Auction Or Transfer

While it’s true that EA doesn’t allow trading coins for real-life currency, you can still trade with other players. Therefore, you can approach a seller you might know of in real life or heard about. Then you can make a deal with them and send them an actual money transfer through an agreed method.

That seller might use their account to transfer the coins to you or use the above-given worthless player auction to send you the coins. They will buy anything you auction at the decided coin range, and you will receive the benefits.

This is another under-handed technique and, while it might not be fair, keeps you under legalities.

4. Take Care Of Your Credentials

If you find a seller, try to use PayPal or other payment methods to make the money transfer. Avoid sharing credit card details or further card details. Otherwise, the seller might end up abusing it. Many platforms would ask for your credentials, too. However, if you use an authentic and trustworthy platform, there will most likely be other options like Paypal. Use it to make the transfer.


These are the best methods and tips to make sure that you can buy and sell coins safely. Remember, EA is not responsible for any monetary loss you will face. After all, they don’t allow these kinds of trades, so you’re on your own. With that in mind, you can use these tips to buy FUT coins safely.

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