All the amazing features of Huawei camera kit

by Sandra Quiles
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Lately, the multimedia and camera technologies of Huawei seems to have been widely accepted by both app developers and users and it has been well-received in the tech industry. Huawei phone’s cameras come with a lot of great shooting modes as well as a built-in AI-supported scene recognition function that helps users explore their potentials as mobile photographers. To give app developers the best possible tools and to provide a wonderful multimedia ecosystem for app users, Huawei has released their Camera Kit.

What makes the Camera Kit stand out is that it brings the full capacity of your camera to all your apps, unlike other camera APIs. The camera output of many social media apps is often lower than the quality the phone’s camera can provide. As a result, Huawei’s Camera Kit aims to help developers integrate the image processing capabilities of Huawei phone cameras into your apps. This article focuses on the super services this kit can bring to your apps.

Features of the Camera Kit

Generally, the Camera Kit unlike many other APIs, lets you access all the original features of your device and use them on all your apps.

Front Camera HDR

When you’re in a low-light or backlit environment, the front’s camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) optimizes the details in both poorly-lit and well-lit areas. This allows your photos to display more life-like qualities.

Wide Aperture

The Wide Aperture feature of the Camera Kit highlights the subject in a photo. It does this by blurring the background. However, to make use of this feature when taking a photo, you’ll be expected to be within 2 meters of the subject. Additionally, the flash will have to be disabled in this mode.

Super Night Mode

As the name implies, this feature helps you take better photos at night. The Super Night Mode uses a long exposure at night, thereby allowing you to take your photos with sufficient brightness. You can also use this feature to take pictures that are well exposed in other dark environments.

Photo Mode

The Camera Kit also lets you use the full capabilities of both your Front camera (mirror reflection, filter, SensorHdr, and Face/Smile Detection, and Rear camera (master AI, color modes, flash, filter, and Face/Smile detection).

Pro Mode (Photo and Video)

For photos, this mode lets you adjust certain camera parameters that will help you access the shooting capabilities obtainable on Huawei cameras. These camera parameters include exposure duration, metering mode, focus mode, ISO, automatic white balance, and exposure compensation.

For videos, the Camera Kit lets you meet various shooting requirements. It does this by opening the recording and professional capabilities of the Huawei camera.

Slow-Mo and Super Slow-Mo Recording

The Slow-Mo recording feature of the Camera Kit lets you record slow-motion videos with a frame rate which is lower than 960 FPS while the Super Slow-Mo lets you record superslow videos with a frame rate which is greater than 960 FPS (you can achieve this in either automatic or manual mode).

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