Elements of The Honor MagicBook 14

by Sandra Quiles
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The Honor MagicBook 14 is the trendiest best-value laptop for students currently in the market. It is a product of Honor, a Chinese company whose parent brand is Huawei. The computer was launched globally at the beginning of 2020, and most people have compared it to the Huawei MateBook D15. The main difference is that it is a student-friendly design and very cost-efficient. It is currently the subject of a back to school promotion FR by Honor. 

Features of the Honor MagicBook 14

The Honor MagicBook 14 is an incredible windows ten laptop with An 8GB RAM. Below are some features of the machine that you may need to know;

Best choice for students

This is one of the best laptops for students in the market. It features a premium student-friendly design that makes it the best option. Additionally, it features a slim and portable design that students can carry around at school and at home. At a mere 1.38kgs, it is one of the most lightweight models in the market hence an incredible choice for students. 

1. Value

This laptop features excellent value. At less than 600 pounds, it is one of the most cost-efficient products in the market. The price is also incredible if you consider the features of the machine, including its processing power. 

2. Design

The design of the laptop is very similar to that of the MateBook D 14. Like the MateBook, this laptop features a sleek metal finish aesthetically pleasing and fosters durability. It comes with black keys that are clearly labeled to allow for efficiency. The overall design and look of the computer are both stylish and modern. 

Additionally, the machine features a wide range of ports, including new USB-C and USB-A ports. This means that you do not have to worry about inadequate space for plugging in your components. 

Another design element is the webcam, which is built into the keyboard. This element allows you to quickly cover the webcam when you do not want to use it. It is also an incredible security feature. However, some people refer to this element as a disadvantage because they are not fond of the positioning. Some complain that the webcam position takes unflattering shots when using the component. 

3. Screen and display

The laptop features an HD matte display. An HD display is the best kind in the market. The computer also features a medium screen size (14 inches) suitable for different applications for students with different needs. The screen also features a resolution of 1080p. This is sufficient for students. However, there are a few complaints about the brightness of the screen. 


Other features of the student-friendly laptop include its incredible battery life. This is a great feature given that the computer is meant to be used for school purposes, where sometimes students may not have access to charging ports for long hours. The laptop also provides the most pleasant typing experience and a better typing experience. Both college and high school students can use it. Finally, the computer was specifically designed to offer productivity-friendly specs at a price that students can afford. 

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