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by Sandra Quiles
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TikTok has become one of the most used and viral social media platforms in the world. The speed at which it skyrocketed has made it the perfect home for entertainment and fun, especially for young adults within the ages between 18 to 35. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that a lot of people are searching for ways to get real TikTok followers.

There are two major ways to get real TikTok fans– growing organically which may take a lot of time and consistent effort, and contrary to popular opinion, buying followers. A lot of people think of the latter as a scam. They feel that it’s a breeding ground for malicious activities to take place and that the followers gotten aren’t authentic.

The truth is that you will only feel hazardous effects when you don’t buy from a good source. Plus, the entire point is to build trust. When people see your page, they will see you as an authority in that field, build trust in your content (especially if it’s valuable) and follow your page. With time, the number of authentic followers will certainly pass the number of organic followers.

Why do you want to waste valuable time trying to grow organically when you can start your TikTok journey on a good note? Why?

But if you insist, here are some ways to attract real TikTok followers

How to attract real TikTok followers

1. TikTok has a younger majority demographic, but don’t be fooled

TikTok contains lots of videos of young people lip-syncing to songs and exposing their creative abilities. But that isn’t all there is to the platform.

Because of how successful it grew to be, big brands like Gucci and Washington Post have joined TikTok and gained millions of followers, and they aren’t posting dancing or music videos that much. There will be a large number of the younger majority as time goes on, so you have to be active where it matters the most.

If you create content that young people can look forward to and be consistent with it, you will have a steady and loyal population.

2. More followers are not equal to more sales

This is very important for brands. If you have a small business and you’re creating a TikTok page to make sales, you may not have much success. When coming on TikTok, come with the mindset of having fun, producing entertaining and unique content, and creating awareness about a brand or product.

Then, you can place a link in the description that takes viewers to your site. The more viewers and followers you have, the better your chances of increased traffic.

3. Do trends at the right time

If you want your video to go viral, you need to learn to hop on trends at the right time. TikTok is so innovative that it was able to combine clips with music, so you can see different variations of a song. If there is any challenge trending on the platform, or a popular song being used often, you should take advantage of that opportunity.

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