Key Features of the Huawei Game Services

by Sandra Quiles
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Mobile games are vital and seemingly indispensable parts of any digital gadget. They assist users to relieve stress and unwind after a stressful situation. Additionally, games are major sources of fun and entertainment. However, with the advancements in the mobile app development scene games have become more complex and intriguing.

As a gaming app developer, there are some essential services and tools that you might need to be integrated into your game. These tools and services are part of the components that at the end of the day, really pull a game together. While these components might be difficult to find or even integrate on a normal day, Huawei mobile game services as a platform have a solution. The game services are part of the available Huawei HMS options.

Huawei Mobile Game Services

Mobile gaming is an equally essential part of the Huawei monetization platform. Games generally bring joy and relief to users. To developers, they are highly effective sources of income if used properly. This is because games generally create in players a willingness to pay to keep playing. Or to create conditions that make playing the games even better.

The game development market is scarily competitive. This means that as a developer, you need to figure out a way to cut down on your development cost while still giving your users the best. To do this you need an edge over others. Huawei mobile game services could be that edge.

For one, the services allow you as a developer to integrate various entertaining features into your gaming app. This process of integration employs the use of various forms of API. The most common and seemingly essential additional features include but are not limited to:

  • Achievements: Assists players in earning and saving points in the game.
  • Game Packs
  • Game saves: This allows players to quickly and easily save game progress to the Huawei cloud. This ensures that even if they change devices, their gaming data is still saved and retrievable.
  • Player statistics: Player analytical feature.
  • Event reporting: Player analytical feature.
  • Player ranking: This is a real-time feature that ranks players based on levels attained and score gotten.

Importance of Additional Features in Huawei Mobile Game Services

These features simplify the entire process of game development. Additionally, the game services allow you to upload a host of game-related items and essential rewards. These uploads can be made via Huawei distribution channels such as the Game Center as well as the AppGallery.

This is aimed at bringing it even more clients and users. The game packs could in some cases, be displayed in a player’s client device and floating window.

Advantages of the Huawei Mobile Game Services

  1. The service offers global coverage for hundreds of millions of users in almost 200 countries.
  2. Detailed local operation. This is established based on the user` local content and operation.
  3. Easy development of game functions. Additionally, these functions are carried out at a low cost.


The mobile game service feature is open to all. It is a monetization process that should not be wasted. However, it is also time and resource consuming so use the Huawei game services. They help you manage both your time and resources allocated to game development.

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