Where do i buy discount checks online?

by Sandra Quiles
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Have you ever wondered when you order checks from a bank where do they get them from?  Do they have a special printing room in the back?  No they order from a discount check company and charge you top dollar for your order.  Discount checks online?  You might ask yourself “can i really order discount checks online?”  Well, yes you can.  They will match your account numbers and be the exact check that you would get from the bank.  When you buy from a discount check online company, you are cutting out the middleman and saving yourself some money.

Are checks still a thing?

Yes, they are and I will tell you why.  Of course you have alternative methods of payment.  Credit and debit cards and many online money payment processors such as Strip and Square.  Personal checks can be useful because some transactions still require checks. Landlords and some small businesses don’t accept credit or debit cards.  Staying disciplined with your spending, checks or cash can be a better choice than plastic.  Writing a check and actually debiting it from your account has many benefits.  You actually SEE where your money is going immediately.

Pros of personal checks

No convenience fees.  You can expect to pay around 2.5% with a credit card and a monthly fee of $15.00 for debit card maximum.  Yes there are lower fees, and some are free.  But there is a price to pay somewhere.  These add up to a lot of money per year.

They are secure. If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, Your checks will require ID and verification.  Also a verified signature is required before cashing a check.  Your cash and credit cards are much easier to liquidate.

Most banks offer a free checking account.

Checks have no time or location stamp.  This is a big concern with privacy.

Also there is the float.  Being able to keep money 5 to 10 days.

Business runs on checks.  High dollar transactions are very costly with a card.  A business could loose thousands of dollars per year on fees.

Easy for taxes.  There is a written record.

Where do I get discount checks online?

CAROUSEL CHECKS is a great online site that specializes in discount checks online.  They have personal, business, tax forms and even payroll software.  With an extensive FAQ page, all of your questions have already been answered.  If you still have questions, you can contact the via an online form or just simply call.  CAROUSEL CHECKS also have special offers and promotions that will save you additional money.  Here are a few reviews of CAROUSEL CHECKS:

“Love my new checks! Ordering was simple and easy! Delivery time was great! I will be ordering from here again!”

“Checks were delivered quickly,in excellent condition,all information is correct and the price was reasonable.This was my second or third order and I have always been well pleased.”

“The printing job was excellent (color rendition from the personal images was precise) and the checks arrived very quickly. Pricing is competitive – less than my bank charges for stock images.”

To order your checks from CAROUSEL CHECKS just click on the link below!

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