where to find deals on camping gear?

by Sandra Quiles
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Finding the right type of outdoor gear is extremely  important.  Being in the elements unprepared can be catastrophic.

People have started spending more time outside, experiencing nature while they stay fit.  The proper outdoor equipment is necessary to not only enjoy, but live comfortably outdoors.   The increasing number of people experiencing  outdoor activities as part of their lifestyles as well as their vacations,  has helped the consumer have multiple choices and very good pricing. Camping gear is a large part  of  the outdoor industry. Weekend outdoor sports are also growing.

What do I need?

That depends on what you want to do.  One thing to keep in mind is the changing weather conditions for your area.  If you are in the mountains  the weather can change rapidly.

For hiking you want clothing that is warm, breathable, and quick-drying. Synthetic fabrics are best because they won’t absorb water, dry quickly, and are relatively windproof.  Lightweight synthetic/cotton (50/50 blend) shirts, underwear, and will work .  Avoid bringing all-cotton clothing since it absorbs water easily.   Cotton also retains water so that it takes a long time to dry.

All cotton clothing is not recommended.  

The proper shoes is also a very big concern.  Make sure that they are quick drying.  Of course you will need a tent and cooking gear.  These items must also be carefully evaluated for performance.  Everything used while camping or hiking needs to be check for functionality in adverse conditions.

Where do I get food?

That’s a good question and a very important one.  Peanut butter, energy bars, canned items, jerky and anything that will not spoil in a short time.  Water is a BIG CONCERN.  Having and drinking enough water is important.  Relying on sodas and sugar filled drinks are a road for disaster.  A good idea is to invest into purification tablets for water.  They may come in handy.

Extra Items to bring.

Sunscreen is a great addition to you backpack.  Soap, toothpaste, toiletries and hand sanitizer.  Really anything that brings the comforts of home.  (Please leave the TV!).  Remember, You are outdoors to enjoy nature.  Being outdoors has therapeutic qualities.  Yes, its called biophilia, making a connecting with nature, and it works!

Where do I find camping gear?

Eastern Mountain Sports has all the equipment you will need.  from clothing(men and women) to car racks and kayaks.  Eastern Mountain Sports has it.  Over forty categories of sales and clearance items categories alone.  Twenty plus brands covering hundreds of items.   Offering six different shipping options helps the cuatomer gert their product quickly.

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