Secure Your App With Biometric Authentication

by Sandra Quiles
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Top mobile app development personnel and companies work day and night to build an app and they spend an equal amount of time to secure the app from external attacks. However, no matter how much they stress upon the importance of using lengthy and complicated passwords, there is room for someone to sneak into the system and wreak havoc. If you are building a mobile app that handles financial data, you are always at risk of getting attacked. Therefore you must install a biometric authentication system like Huawei fido to ensure foolproof security of your database. The system allows you to execute the authentication process through platform authenticators such as 3D face authenticator, fingerprint system, and roaming authenticators such as NFC and USB.

There has been a rise in the number of financial institutions that have been using biometric authentication features for their user apps. Some are using touchID while others are using fingerprint systems. Passwords, no matter how strong and complicated you make it, are breakable at some point. Over 80 percent of breaches occur when hackers shatter through passwords. This is proof that passwords are the greatest flaws in the security of a financial institution. Even if you are managing a social media mobile application, biometric authentication is the most secure system to protect the personal security of users.

It verified identity

This turns out to be the greatest advantage of this cutting edge technology. Two-factor authentication does nothing to exactly prove your identity when you try to access your app. The system is inherently flawed. On the other hand, the biometric authentication system is perfect because it requires physical features like hand or fingers or eyes to verify your identity.

It discourages privacy attacks

Everyone may fall prey to privacy attacks in one way or the other. You might have saved your videos and personal photos on some editing app. We all do this at one point or another. However, after some time you suspect that a stranger has seen your pictures. It is also possible that they have sent a copy of the pictures to their email ID. Not only this kind of scenario is embarrassing but it also is painful. Now let’s take a look at another scenario. Suppose you lose your smartphone. This doesn’t make your mobile phone unsafe. However, if your mobile apps have a biometric authentication system in place, the chances are meager that your data will be stolen.

Less Hacking Attacks

The word hacking gives quite a scare to people who frequently use tech devices. Biometric authentication systems cut down the chances of hacking attacks. It deters cybersecurity breaches. Cybercriminals are on the rise as businesses and banks are quickly adopting digital services. Even the two-factor authentication system is losing its importance because now hackers can duplicate the app interface and dupe the users into filling the fake interface with the passcode. Once done, hackers quickly change their login credentials and get access to the account. A person who has a million dollars in his bank account wouldn’t like to get robbed like this. Also, the bank will not likely be abandoned by customers if an attack of this magnitude happens on their user. The biometric authentication system discourages this.

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